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Ashtanga Yoga Berlin Kreuzberg - Utthita Trikonasana

Ashtanga Yoga

At Ashtanga Yoga Berlin Kreuzberg the classes are taught in German, English and  Japanese. The yoga poses are practiced by the student at one’s individual pace and assisted by an Ashtanga yoga teacher. The Mysore style classes are taught in a group setting while students are being instructed one-on-one. This means, the yoga classes are open FOR ALL LEVELS, absolute beginners and advanced practitioners. Students benefit from a daily morning practice from Monday to Saturday during sunrise which is an auspicious time when the mind is calm and focused.

Each Saturday the primary series is taught as a led class. The teacher counts and names each posture in Sanskrit and the sequence is practiced together at the same time. Students practice up to the last posture that was given by the teacher and then wait for the finishing sequence. This class is recommended for students with an existing Ashtanga Yoga practice.

The Teacher

The teacher and all cover teachers are authorised for level 2 by KPJAYI Sharath Jois and teach the Ashtanga yoga method according to its tradition as taught at its birthplace in Mysore, South India. Miho is dedicated to share this transformational practice while she is continueing to learn herself. Her emphasis lies upon teaching Tristhana method, the integration of breath, posture and gaze to increase focus and awareness. She encourages her students to commit to a regular practice in order to achieve physical balance and effective self-work.

Ashtanga Yoga Berlin Kreuzberg - Miho


Mysore style: Monday-Friday 7:00-10:00am
Led primary series: Saturday 08:30am

No classes on moondays


Bergmannstr. 29 (Global Music Academy)
10961 Berlin


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